Helping you break through since 1979

What We Do

Experienced Team

Ability to design and engineer blasting pattern and sequences.

Specialized Drilling Services

Full equipment portfolio from commando to excavator offering flexibility and scalability.

Controlled Blasting

Specializing in a variety of rock excavation blasting
KC Drilling & Blasting Ltd. was formed in 1979 using the experience of our founding team members in the field of rock drilling and blasting. We are proud to have served the Kootenay Region of British Columbia ever since.

During the past 40+ years, we have utilized these services to provide superior results in the logging, construction and road building industries.

By maintaining a well-serviced fleet of equipment and highly trained personnel, we continue to provide service to small and large projects throughout the Kootenay region.

KC’s Services

  • Pre-Shear Walls
  • Road Building
  • Controlled Blasting
  • Quarries
  • Dams
  • Mining
  • Expanding Grout Application

KC Expertise

We take pride in being able to produce required size rock in all types of conditions. Given our location within the Kootenay Region, we are familiar with blasting varying hardness of rock from mica-schist to marble granite.

We utilize various types of explosives and primarily non-electric detonators with surface and down-hole delays to provide ultimate control while maximizing rock breakage.

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